How the central bankers rigged the world

In this searing exposé, former Wall Street insider Nomi Prins shows how the 2007-2008 financial crisis turbo-boosted the influence of central bankers and triggered a massive shift in the world order. Central banks and international institutions like the IMF have overstepped their traditional mandates by directing the flow of epic sums of fabricated money without any checks or balances.

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Nomi Prins is a geopolitical financial expert and investigative journalist who sheds light on the dark corners of the global economy, while empowering people with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

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How Big Banks Work | FAN-tastic Friday: Nomi Prins leads a panel discussion on big banking featuring Sean Stone, Trinity Tran, and David Dayen in a clip from FAN-tastic Friday. Source: The Young Turks

"With almost daily macroeconomic and market signs that we will soon enter a global recession... investors and financial regulators should worry about how companies’ leveraged loans and CLOs will perform in an economic downturn." via @MRVAssociates

"The risks have not subsided since 2015, they have gotten exponentially larger." -- Wall Street’s Mega Banks Report Earnings Today, Capping the Craziest Banking Era in U.S. History:

US household debt has remained low vs income, but more people rent their homes and are paying increasing monthly fees, leading non-debt financial obligations to surge. “There’s a segment whose income statements are under stress,” & they may account for 28% of the population: MS

“When a library is open, no matter its size or shape, democracy is open, too.”

A photographic love letter to public libraries:

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“[An] unflinching, troubling exposé … well worth a close read by anyone looking to understand the roots of the last crash and prepare for the next.”
Publishers Weekly

“A somber, important warning that’s likely to cause readers to wonder about the safety of their assets, if not fear for the near-term future.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Prins offers practical and tactical solutions for preventing the downfall of the current over-inflated economy. This thoroughly researched, high-level view of central-bank operations would be interesting to those in the finance, banking, and economic fields.”