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Nomi Prins' Know Money

Know Money: A Business, Economic & Personal Finance Forum Made for Women

Forget what you’ve been fed to you know about money and dig deeper. Nomi’s illuminating and entertaining salons reveal that knowing money is really about connecting the dots between economics, geo-politics, markets, central banks and financial systems.

Nomi’s intimate “Know Money” salons are designed especially for women in all professions. They explore the local, national and global backdrops affecting everyday people and their money. They continue to explore topics on the economy, banking, sociopolitical environment, personal finance, business and everything in between.


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For over three decades, Nomi has traversed a road infrequently traveled. After becoming one of the youngest managing directors at Goldman Sachs, she departed her established Wall Street career to live her own truth on a path to financial and personal independence.

As a trained mathematician, Nomi knows numbers and formulas. As an independent observer on financial and economic topics with a global perspective whose opinions are routinely sought by people of influence around the globe, Nomi knows how policy is formed and who is calling the shots. Speaking as a former Wall Street executive, she knows analytical models and trading trends – because she has built them. Nomi did not come from money, which armed her with an uncanny ability to dig into data, question information, and unearth hidden factors that drive markets and their networks. As a seasoned journalist and best-selling author, she explains it in all in plain English.

Nomi tailors her salons to the level and needs of the audience. She has hosted researchers, executives, business leaders and some of the greatest decision makers throughout the business and tech world. Exuding her life-long passion for learning she has a skill for dissecting, informing, and helping others so that they can learn to protect, preserve and grow their wealth and financial knowledge. She will take you through the historical and present-day dynamics that impact money, showing you how everything is connected.

Nomi truly believes the more you “Know Money” the more empowered you are.


Increase awareness about banking and money at local, national and global levels.


Learn strategies for managing and reducing personal debt.


Understand markets and discover techniques to make better-informed investment decisions.