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Permanent Distortion

PERMANENT DISTORTION: How Financial Markets Abandoned the Real Economy Forever

“A hard-hitting survey of the forces … that fuel financial markets at the expense of destabilizing the real economy…. Nomi Prins effectively dismantles the machinery of financial markets and explains how they operate in a secret world of their own.” – Kirkus


Published October 11, 2022 | 352 pages


The untold story of the ever-growing wedge between the financial markets and the real economy, and the unprecedented crises it has caused.

The 21st century has produced two major financial crises and many smaller ones in between. The fallout created chaos and disruption for people at all levels of the global economy. Nomi Prins examines the consequences of the unstable economy that caused what she calls the state of Permanent Distortion; a wedge between a funhouse financial realm that thrives even in times of social and political disorder, and a struggling economic one that does not adequately meet the needs of the general population.

Through deep reporting and insightful analysis, Prins navigates the critical points in between the two polarities, including how the concept of “free markets” is dead, how a political power shift is bringing in a new world order, why trade wars have only just begun, and why we’re in for more civil and social unrest, as a result.


“Prins has done it again. In her newest book, Permanent Distortion, [she] takes a hard look at the conflicts and corruption in the global financial system and banks in particular. She provides a tour d’horizon of the past ten years…. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to understand what’s really behind the financial chaos of the past decade.” – James Rickards, author of Sold Out

“Prins breaks through the noise like no other historian. When I am looking to understand what’s really unfolding in the economy and finance, she’s where I turn. She’s from Wall Street and knows Washington—yet tells the truths that Main Street needs to hear.” – Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

“Prins is one of the only people in the world qualified to explain one of the biggest stories in the world, if not the biggest: the manipulation of central banking policies around the world…. Permanent Distortion describes the gradual replacement of the real economy with a kind of permanent Ponzi scheme, fueled by cheap money and selective regulation, that rewards insiders and disburses riches by access, not merit.” – Matt Taibbi, award-winning author and investigative reporter

“Prins knows Wall Street. When she speaks, we should all listen. The story of Permanent Distortion exposes how corrupt our financial system is.” – Richard D. Wolff, professor of economics emeritus, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and founder of

“Prins, former Goldman Sachs big shot, has come out of the cold to let you in on the con—and the clear and present danger that the Magic Money junkies and their central-bank pushermen are pulling us into a strange counter-reality where fantastical finance creatures copulate with finance fairy dust, creating a cancerous economic monstrosity. Yet, it’s weirdly fun to fly through the crazed new world Prins reveals. Every chapter is a new freaky adventure. She even makes the words ‘Quantitative Easing’ and ‘crypto blockchain ETFs’ into a fascinating game show … where They win and you, Mr. and Ms. go-to-work schmuck, lose. Jump in, I guarantee you a helluva ride.” – Greg Palast, author of The Best Money Democracy Can Buy


The world is standing at the precipice of a once in a century phenomenon that’s occurring right now. I’ve coined this condition as a permanent distortion between the financial markets and the real economy. This concept, as defined by my term “Permanent Distortion,” is discussed at length in my November 2020, PhD thesis.

Before all the turbo-charged central bank activity that happened in the wake of the pandemic, this gap between market and the economy was just a distortion. Markets were floating on the back of gushing money flows, while the real economy was barely receiving the equivalent of drops from that fabricated surplus. My prior books and work discuss the evolution and history of what lead to our current condition. For now, there’s no going back to what was. There’s only moving forward with the best possible education, innovation, understanding, analysis, approach, and strategies to meet this moment.

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