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Permanent Distortion

The world is standing at the precipice of a once in a century phenomenon that’s occurring right now. I’ve coined this condition as a permanent distortion between the financial markets and the real economy. This concept, as defined by my term “Permanent Distortion,” is discussed at length in my November 2020, PhD thesis.

Before all the turbo-charged central bank activity that happened in the wake of the pandemic, this gap between market and the economy was just a distortion. Markets were floating on the back of gushing money flows, while the real economy was barely receiving the equivalent of drops from that fabricated surplus. My prior books and work discuss the evolution and history of what lead to our current condition. For now, there’s no going back to what was. There’s only moving forward with the best possible education, innovation, understanding, analysis, approach, and strategies to meet this moment.

To learn more about this period of Permanent Distortion, here are a few selected links from some of my interviews on this topic:

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The Jay Martin Show, Cambridge House International (October, 2021)
“Permanent Distortion: How Central Banks Are Ruining Society”

Please stay tuned, for October 2022, when my new book Permanent Distortion will be out. You can pre-order Permanent Distortion by selecting this link. In the forthcoming book, I’ll reveal the causes, effects, and future of this phenomenon and why it matters to the economy and the financial system. Over the months and years ahead, I will be providing a number of avenues where you can access information about my concept of Permanent Distortion, as well as developing ongoing strategies to calibrate your financial and economic situation in this new paradigm. These will include content and insights in articles, newsletters, TV and radio interviews, book tours, speaking engagements and social media platforms.

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