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“A powerhouse of independent insight on global economic matters.”

Speaking Engagements

Nomi’s engaging keynote speeches are tailored for each audience and demographic. They cover topics ranging across economics, business, politics, corporate strategy and personal finance. As a former Wall Street insider, Nomi applies a combination of first-hand experience with decades of independent analysis to share valuable insights and actionable takeaways. Her journey from the elite echelons of the banking industry to journalism and political consulting has given her an unparalleled perspective on global economics. She has a talent for connecting seemingly disparate variables and presenting them in a new way of understanding with both depth and clarity.

Nomi Prins with Juliet Schor ( Jan 2018 )

As a registered speaker with the American Program Bureau, Nomi has given keynote speeches at many prominent venues including the annual gathering of senior level governors and government officials hosted by the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank conference in Washington, D.C. She has also spoken at the London School of Economics, the UK Parliament, the Mexican Senate, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Google, Columbia University and the National Consumer Law Center to name just a few.


Know global markets and how they affect your investments, business trends and the competition.


Discover how international politics, central banks and macroeconomic factors influence markets today.


Learn about current trends in business and investment strategies that are emerging now.

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“Her presentation was extremely well received by both students and faculty. Her remarks were timely and she directed them to her audience very skillfully.”

– Dean, School of Business
Manhattan College

“Your comments were among the most insightful of the entire conference and many of the participants express to us that they were grateful to hear your refreshing perspectives.”

– Sarkis Yoghourtdjian, Advisor 
The Federal Reserve System

“I highly recommend Ms. Nomi Prins as a keynote speaker at conference events. She is easy to work with, respectful of attendees, and a well-organized and compelling speaker. Her interaction with attendees, before and after her presentation, as well as her eagerness to participate in panel discussions, in addition to her general session presentation, were indications of her willingness to bring value to our event, and our attendees.”

– Rick Rule, President and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc.