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Hello and I hope you had a wonderful August!

It was one filled with record breaking heat (yet again), up and down financial markets and political whirlwinds.

August also saw a historic gathering of the BRICS emerging block of countries assemble for the first time in person since 2020.

And while White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters last week that they, “are not looking at the BRICS as evolving into some kind of geopolitical rival to the United States or anyone else” the truth is, they should be looking into the gathering.

That’s because the meeting saw the expansion of the BRICS with even more members which involve some global powers.

Below, I’ve recorded a video to detail why the conference matters, what the new members bring to the table and why you should be paying attention (even if the White House is not).

After you get a chance to check out my video, I’ve also linked my latest conversation with David Lin that went live only a couple of days ago.

Our conversation dives into several major topics including inflation, economic growth, the banking sector – and more.

That’s all for now but as always, thanks for tuning in!

Nomi Prins