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Happy March!

In the video below, I am reporting to you from my home office with details about an emerging trend that you should be paying attention to. Hint: the most populous country is launching a major shift – and is something investors and global powers are paying attention to.

After you check out my video, I’ve also linked my conversation with Daniela Cambone at ITM Trading, where we discuss the flashpoints I’ve shared with you in greater depth, exactly why layoffs continue to trickle throughout the economy and what’s next for the debt boom in the U.S.

And, for those of you who are interested in the discussion from the video above…

Below are three pieces that take a deeper dive into what the shift toward “made by China” could mean for global markets, investors, the U.S and more.

1 – Last month the Chinese electric vehicle (EV) company, BYD officially surpassed Telsa in sales and emerged as a major player in the EV market. The company, which has the backing of major investors like Warren Buffet, is expanding into global markets with sales launching in Europe this year. Last year, the company announced it has plans to build an EV factory in Hungary, which would be its first passenger car plant in Europe. BYD already has a bus factory in Europe. According to reports from the WSJ, the company is already eyeing entry into U.S markets. Yesterday, the White House announced that it would begin to investigate the national security risk of Chinese-made smart cars. 

2 – Boeing, the Fortune 100 company based in Washington state and largely seen as the marquee global leader in the aerospace industry has backed out of the famed Singapore Airshow. What’s coming in its place? China’s first homegrown airliner. As Business Insider reports, the move could help the Chinese company compete at a global scale.

3 – Finally, Chinese based company Moonshot AI, which is valued at about $2.5 billion, just raised $1 billion in funding after generative AI interest has grown in China, reports TechCrunch. Alibaba is leading the way in investing in the startup.

Next week, we’ll be trying something new! I’ll be following up with five financial charts that I’ve been watching. These charts will reveal financial and economic trends – and the big picture behind them.

As I continue research for my next book and travel to meet with contacts from around the world I will report back to you. I’ll be sure to update you here first as things develop.

That’s all for now, but as always, thanks for tuning in!