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Hello and greetings,

Happy October!

I recently completed several boots-on-the-ground research trips to Norway and Sweden to examine what the real future of energy technology looks like and why it matters to us all.

In the video below, I went live from a ferry in Norway to report back to you first-hand.

While the view from the waterways with the incredible fjords is great – what I learned there is just as vital to the future of energy tech and the new industrial wave that’s upon us.

You can watch the video linked here and by clicking the image directly below.

After you get a chance to check out my video, I’ve also linked my conversation with KITCO’s Paul Harris from this summer, where we discussed the Fed’s projected roadmap, the impact on commodities and why gold could play a factor in the months ahead.

As my research continues, travel and conversations around the world have continued to give me food for thought in exploring topics for a future book on energy and the economy. I’ll be sure to update you here first as things develop.

That’s all for now, but as always, thanks for tuning in!