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Nomi has been featured in hundreds of TV and online media over the years and is a frequent guest on programs ranging from PBS, CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, CSPAN, the BBC, and more. Her analysis and acclaimed insights have been highlighted in Netflix documentaries and even international specials stretching from Korea to the Netherlands and beyond. Below are some of of the recent highlights with Nomi.

Economist Warns Financial Markets Have Abandoned the Real Economy

(November 7, 2023) Nomi joins Fox News to discuss the real economic impacts that Federal Reserve policies are having on the majority of Americans. Together with Charles Payne, the discuss unpacks the real implications of monetary policy failures and what it means for the future. Source: Fox Business...

Here’s Why the Fed has Trillions to Deploy

(August 5, 2023) While joining Kitco Mining to discuss the latest actions from the Fed, Nomi details what's really going on in the real economy now that the Fed's interest rate hike policies are starting to settle in. Catch Prins' conversation with Paul Harris where she details what parts of the mining sector could be primed to benefit. Source: Kitco Mining...

BRICS Countries Planning New Gold-Backed Currency?

(July 20, 2023) Nomi joins Daniela Cambone at Stansberry Research to discuss the latest moves by the Federal Reserve and what they mean for Wall Street and everyday investors. In this high impact interview, Nomi also covers the Fed's new FedNow program and what it could mean for the future of finance. Source: Stansberry Research...

Why the Fed’s Inflation Fight is Not What You Think

(November 16, 2022) Nomi joins Yahoo Finance to discuss inflation, the economy and what impact the Fed's latest monetary policy decisions could (and could not) have. Source: Yahoo Finance...

How the Fed Rocked the Economy

(November 4, 2022) Nomi joins TYT and Ana Kasparian to discuss the findings in her new book, Permanent Distortion. Prins' reveals the real impact that the Federal Reserve is having on the economy and the long-term effects of their monetary policies. Source: TYT...

Nomi Prins on CSPAN 2 – Book TV

(October 19, 2022) Nomi joins CSPAN from the famous Book Soup bookstore in West Hollywood, California to discuss her latest book, Permanent Distortion. Source: CSPAN..

Shifting Monetary Policy is Detrimental for the Economy

Nomi Prins Permanent Distortion Fox Business

(October 12, 2022) Nomi joins Charles Payne on the launch of her new book, Permanent Distortion to discuss her findings, research and analysis. They cover what impact central banks have had on the global economy and what it could mean for the future of the financial system. Source: Fox Business ..

The Financial System Created Two Americas

(October 10, 2022) Nomi joins Ali Velshi on MSNBC to discuss her new book, Permanent Distortion. The conversation takes a deep dive into how the Fed has impacted the real economy and what policymakers could do to help the financial system in the future. Source: MSNBC.

How Central Banks Are Creating Distortions in the Economy

(October 3, 2022) Nomi joins USA Watchdog editor Greg Hunter for a deep dive into her new book, Permanent Distortion. They cover the impact and origins of inflation that's been unleashed in 2022, what's next for the economy and more. Source: USA Watchdog..

Here’s the Fed’s Power Matters

(September 22, 2022) Following the Federal Reserve's latest 0.75bps rate hike delivered after the FOMC's September meeting, Nomi joined Charles Payne to discuss what it means for the global economy and the financial system. Check out why the Fed's immense power matters to Wall Street and investors even more now. Source: Fox Business ..